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Dominic Longo

Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Muslim-Christian Dialogue Center
JRC 115
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Spring 2018 Courses

Spring 2018 Courses
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MGMT 804 - 201 Inclusive Leadrshp in Div Orgs See Details * *

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3 Credit Hours


Fred Dominic Longo, Teresa J. Rothausen

To be effective and just, leaders need to understand the diverse peoples who comprise their organizations and markets, and practice inclusion at self, interpersonal, team, and organizational levels. Culturally competent leadership rests on foundational knowledge, skills, and mindsets applied in both domestic and global contexts. This course introduces a range of perspectives (legal, ethical, structural, political, symbolic, historical, social, relational), exploring topics such as dimensions and categories of human diversity and of cultures; social identity and perception; attribution, bias, stigma, and harassment in organizations; cross-cultural communication and conflict; power, privilege, and oppression; domestic and world workforce and market demography. Prerequisites: None.

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TMH 3541800-210001 Feb '18
TMH 3541800-210008 Feb '18
TMH 3541800-210022 Feb '18
TMH 3541800-210008 Mar '18
TMH 3541800-210022 Mar '18
TMH 3541800-210005 Apr '18
TMH 3541800-210019 Apr '18
TMH 3541800-210010 May '18

Summer 2018 Courses

Summer 2018 Courses
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Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses
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