New Frontiers Series

The Theology Department has hosted a lecture series, New Frontiers in Theological Research, twice a year since 2012. The aim of the series is to present the scholarly research of the faculty of the UST Theology Department in a publicly accessible form. The series contributes to the University’s emphasis on the integration of theology with other fields of study.



A Pilgrim People Amid Tribes and Empire:
Catholic Peace Theology in a Globalizing World

Dr. Gerald Schlabach

Monday, October 1, 2018
7:00 p.m.
McNeely Hall 100

Dr. Gerald Schlabach, professor of moral theology, 
will give the New Frontiers in Theological Research lecture.

Even as the Second Vatican Council called the Catholic Church to rethink war in the modern world, the shape of the modern world was shifting. Now, in the tug-of-war between globalization and resurgent cultural identities, borders are increasingly in flux. It is an opportunity for Christians to rediscover their calling as a transnational people of peace. For if we are all living in diaspora anyway, Catholics might even become catholic again for the first time.

Gerald Schlabach is a professor of moral theology at the University of St. Thomas, former chair of Justice and Peace Studies, and a leader in the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative. He is currently completing a book on Catholic peace theology entitled A Pilgrim People: Becoming a Catholic Peace Church. His New Frontiers lecture will summarize that work, while drawing on his decades of ecumenical dialogue for peace.


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