Editorial Staff

Any St. Thomas student may take part as an editor of Summit Avenue Review. Interested students should look in UST Newsroom for notice of an organizational meeting in September. Areas of editorial activity include organization (coordinating and facilitating editorial activities); recording and distributing (by e-mail) minutes of meetings; monitoring the SAR e-mail box and logging submissions; duplicating submissions into packets and maintaining a submissions master list; soliciting literary submissions, including visits to classes and contacting professors; leading and participating in selection meetings; copyediting; meeting with authors; proofreading; working with visual art work (soliciting visual art submissions; leading and participating in selection meetings; processing visual art in Adobe PhotoShop; producing poster), and production (creating InDesign CC document; placing and formatting text; placing and adjusting images; dealing with printer).

Typically, a majority of students working on the editorial staff are current or former members of ENGL 421–422, the Literary Magazine Practicum, but students who have not taken the Practicum are also welcome to participate. See the links to the left for information on the Literary Magazine Practicum. Students with questions about the editorial staff may contact the magazine’s faculty advisor, Dr. Matt Batt, at batt4437@stthomas.edu.