Study Abroad Photo Contest

St. Thomas student photographers that have participated in a St. Thomas study, work or volunteer program overseas.


You may submit up to three original photographs for each of the following categories:

  • Global Classroom (GC) – photos that capture learning happening within your new landscape and culture.  FOCUS: Interactions, Learning
  • A Sense of Place (SP) – capturing the landscape and culture of the unique atmosphere of the country in which you were a guest. FOCUS: Scenery, Culture
  • Tommies Abroad (TA) – photos of St. Thomas students abroad that reflect the overall study abroad experience and/or UST pride. FOCUS: UST
  • Most Epic Selfie (MES) – The top photos of this category will be posted on social media and voted on by YOU! Keep your eyes open for voting announcements after all photo submissions are due.

All photos you wish to submit will be due before midnight on November 2nd!

If selected, your work will be rewarded with $100 for first prize, $50 for second prize, and $25 for third prize. It may also be reproduced in a university publication for advertising, design, editorial and other areas of communication.

  • Along with your photos, please submit ONE Photo Contest Entry Form.
  • Limit of three submissions for each category.
  • Rename the Photo Contest Entry Form when saving file as follows: Last Name First Name
  • Name each photo file as follows:
    •  Last Name First Name Category Abbreviation Photo Number (Ex: Smith Jane TA 1)
  • Photos may be in color or black and white
  •  Photos should be the highest-resolution possible and must be in a .jpeg, .jpg or. gif format. Printed photos or negatives are not accepted.
  • E-Mail photos and Entry Form to: Subject Line: Photo Contest
  • Print Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest Info