Summer Term Programs

St. Thomas students can choose from over 100 summer programs around the world each year. Whether the program is offered through St. Thomas or one of our Other Approved Programs (AIFS, IES, etc.), there should be an option for every degree plan and interest. Contact the Office of Study Abroad and review Summer Policies and Procedures for more information. 

Summer programs vary, usually lasting between 2-8 weeks, and include unique opportunities for internships and research abroad. 

St. Thomas Programs

Led by St. Thomas Program Directors and attended by St. Thomas students. All St. Thomas undergraduate programs carry four credits and all St. Thomas graduate programs carry three credits, unless otherwise noted. 

Other Approved Programs 

Other Approved Programs are programs managed by a St. Thomas approved organization. St. Thomas continues to support students with advising and St. Thomas administrative logistics; the approved organization manages all aspect of the program: academics, housing, onsite student support and excursions.