Affiliate January-Term Programs

We partner with a number of approved study abroad providers in order to offer an exceptionally wide range of options – there is truly an opportunity for every major. Our affiliate programs have been thoroughly reviewed by the University to ensure academic rigor, excellent onsite support, and high standards for health and safety.

Attendance at a J-Term Group Advising Session is required in order to apply. 

  • Attend a J-Term Group Advising Session (required): learn about the application process, credit transfer, logistics and eligibility. Applications open April 15th.
  • Select a program and notify advisor of program selection (if you did not do so during advising session). An online St. Thomas Study Abroad application will be created for you.
  • Complete St. Thomas Study Abroad application.
  • Complete Other Approved Program application via approved organization website.
  • Final application deadline: October 1, or the approved program organization deadline, whichever is earlier. The priority application period does not apply to Other Approved J-Term Programs, and students are not required to submit a deposit to St. Thomas on application. Deposits are paid directly to the organization.
  • Students must be approved to study abroad by both St. Thomas and the approved organization.

Many other approved January term programs have been pre-approved by academic departments to fulfill course requirements. To view these options, search the Course Approval Database and filter by short-term. If the course is not listed, you may seek approval from the appropriate department with a Course Approval Form from the Office of Study Abroad.  

Off-Campus Study Fee

All students who study off-campus during January Term will be charged a $300 Off-Campus Study Fee. The fee, along with the program fee, will be reflected on your student account prior to your program. This fee supports the administration on the University of St. Thomas campus of the program in which you will be participating off-campus.

Program Cost

The approved organization will bill St. Thomas for program costs. You will be charged either the current on-campus rate for three credits or the program's tuition, whichever is higher, plus room/board/program fees as determined by the program provider. Balance is due following the normal on campus billing calendar.

Visit for the billing calendar dates. Application fees and confirming deposits must be paid directly to the approved organization; these fees cannot be posted to student accounts.

Steps to Cancel Your Program:

1. Cancel through your program by contacting the approved program organization directly.

2. Cancel through St. Thomas Study Abroad by e-mailing from your St. Thomas e-mail account.

3. You are subject to the cancellation policies of both the approved organization and St. Thomas Study Abroad.

Other Approved Program Cancellation Policy

View your approved program organization’s website and/or contact the approved program organization directly.

St. Thomas Study Abroad Cancellation Policy

You will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent of the Off-Campus Study Fee ($284.50) if you advise St. Thomas you are not participating in the program after the following dates:

December 1 for January Term and Spring programs

May 1 for Summer programs

August 1 for Fall programs