Steps to Choosing a Program

Start the Process

First Step Sessions 

Ready to learn more about studying abroad? Review the considerations below, and then attend a First Step Session

First Step Sessions are led by our student Peer Advisors who have all studied abroad for at least one semester. Learn from their experience, ask questions, and explore options. No preparation is required to attend, but considering the items below will help prompt questions to ask, or bring up things you want to discuss. 

Feel like you know which term or program is for you? Visit our semester or short-term program pages for more application process information. 


Know Your Options

Know Your Options while studying abroad

Recognize Your Priorities

Program Selection 

There are many different ways to think about program selection. The examples below overlap, and there may be a program encapsulating all four. 

By Discipline

I want a program that will further expertise in my chosen major and/or career. A program specific to my field is my first priority.

· major/minor specific classes

· internship

· location relates to major

By Academic Model

I know what type of program I am looking for: classes through host country university or provider center, internship or research options, program size, etc.

· classes with other international/U.S./local students

· internship

· cohort model

· research/project options

By Location

I have a specific location in mind that fits my personal interests and/or major. Where I go is my main consideration.

By Term

J-Term/summer programs offer an intensive experience to fully immerse yourself in the course content for a short period of time.

Semester/year programs allow you to actually live in a new country and adapt to another culture while pursuing your academic and career goals.

Create Goals

Why do you want to study abroad? What do you hope to gain from the experience? 

Maybe you just know you want to see the world, or perhaps you have a specific program in mind that supports a career goal. Either way, take some time now to note some broad goals, and consider what is important to you. 

Goals and desired outcomes will change and develop throughout the study abroad process. Beginning to define them now will help shape your experience, and bring a more focused perspective as you consider different options and program types. 

Visit our office and attend a First Step Session; we are here to help guide you through the process