Study Abroad Program Design Grant

Faculty grant applications are invited for international travel to support the design of St. Thomas Distinctive Study Abroad Programs. $1,500 grants are available from the Office of Study Abroad, with a matching amount will be awarded by the faculty member’s respective dean’s office, not to exceed $3,000 total.

Ten grants are available annually, with the understanding that colleges may limit the number of awards. 


  • All full-time St. Thomas clinical, tenure-track or tenured faculty are eligible to apply.
  • Faculty members who have received an international travel or faculty seminar award in the preceding three years are not eligible.
  • Proposals must be submitted by Tuesday, October 1, 2019, to be considered.
  • All travel must be completed during the current FY20 budget year, concluding June 30, 2020.


A completed grant proposal consists of the following:

1.    A proposal narrative (3 pages maximum) that addresses:

  • Overview (brief statement that describes what you intend to accomplish);
  • Location(s) (where you plan to travel and your rationale for the sites);
  • Outcome (how your proposed travel aligns with developing a St. Thomas Study Abroad program; and your timeline to propose/lead);
  • Recruitment plan (who your prospective study abroad program will attract and how you will recruit them); 
  • Experience (what previous experience, if any, you have in the location/s you plan to visit); and
  • Budget (list of estimated expenses, plus additional funding you will use to support your travel).

2.   Approval and support from your department chair, 2018-2019 Study Abroad Program Grant, with a copy to your dean’s office. 

Completed proposals must be submitted to the Office of Study Abroad by Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 4:30 PM.

Selection Criteria

Completed applications will be reviewed an awards committee, in conjunction with the respective dean’s office. Award notifications will be distributed by October 31, 2019. 

Selection will be made on the strength of the proposal and its anticipated outcomes, the efficacy and likelihood of success of the project, and the priorities of the respective school or college. Preference for awards include:

  • Designing a new study abroad program (before submitting to ARCIE) - grants are best used the development of program proposals for January Term 2022.
  • Locations not covered by current offerings
  • First-time program director
  • Program that meet degree, core or major/minor degree requirements

Grants are not available for conference travel.

Post-Grant Reporting

No later than one semester after completing travel, awardees agree to submit a brief written report to the Office of Study Abroad and their college, summarizing the on-site experience, providing a plan for meeting the outcomes listed in the proposal and next steps. Grant recipients should also plan to participate in an on-campus event, such as a dinner discussion, workshop or presentation.

Applicants may need to fund part of their travel themselves or secure other campus or off-campus funding.

2019 Global Dinner Discussion