Study Abroad Course Approval Database

Search below for study abroad courses pre-approved to fulfill St Thomas degree requirements.


  1. The course equivalencies listed in this database do not constitute permission to study abroad. You must follow all application processes and be approved by the Office of Study Abroad. Processes vary by program, visit program page for details.
  2. Each course has been evaluated to determine fulfillment of any St Thomas requirements. Course numbers and titles of the courses you register for abroad must match EXACTLY what is indicated in order to fulfill St Thomas degree requirements.
  3. It is your responsibility to confirm courses are available for the term you wish to go abroad, and to determine you fulfill any pre-requisites.
  4. These course equivalencies do not constitute registration. Follow all instructions from your program on registering for courses.
  5. If a course match has expired, it must be reevaluated prior to studying abroad in order to determine fulfillment of St Thomas requirements. Contact your study abroad advisor to begin the re-review process.
  6. Additional options are available! Meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss other programs and obtaining approvals for courses not listed here.


Contact the Office of Study Abroad with any questions regarding courses listed in the Course Approval Database.