Fast Facts

On average, approximately 1,000 Tommies study abroad each year. This means that at St. Thomas, 56% of undergraduate students study abroad by graduation. And to give you a little context, nationally, this number is 10%. We’re proud to say St. Thomas is ranked 6th in the nation for undergraduate participation.

According to the Career Development Center’s First Destinations survey for the 2010-2014 graduating classes, students who studied abroad reported full-time employment at rates that were 20% higher than the overall St. Thomas population.

In a recent St. Thomas alumni survey, study abroad was ranked #1 as the most impactful experience during a students four years at the university.

A graph showing the total Study Abroad participation from 2011 to 2016. The graph increases from left to right with a peak at 1000 students.


Undergraduate 87%

Graduate 12%


Students of Color 8%

White: Non-Hispanic 89%

Unknown 3%

By Term

J-Term 64%

Fall / Spring 26%

Summer 9%

Academic Year 1%


Students studied in 47 different countries through:

69 Semester/Year Programs

15 Summer Programs

58 J-Term Programs

2 Academic Year Programs


Over 90% of St Thomas study abroad students fulfill specific major, minor and core requirements. With advance planning, students can fulfill requirements for ANY major while overseas.

Top Majors

1. Business

2. Psychology

3. Engineering

4.Communications & Journalism

5.Catholic Studies

6. Philosophy

7. Biology