First-Year Student Timeline

This timeline will give you more information about the steps you should be taking before and after Orientation & Registration.


Fill out Roommate and Preference Forms if you intend to live on campus.


Submit Orientation & Registration reservation, read Orientation & Registration guide, and take placement exams.


Fill out Course Preference Form via Murphy Online.


Attend an Orientation & Registration session!

2019 O&R Dates: July 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 29, 31, August 2nd and 29th.


Use this time to prepare for your transition to St. Thomas. Connect with family and friends and make plans for how you will stay in touch.

And, check out the "course materials" section of the St. Thomas Campus Store in order to review textbooks required for your fall courses.


Students living on campus will participate in move-in weekend activities Friday, August 30th, 2019. All first-year students will be asked to participate in Fall Welcome activities Saturday, August 31st through Tuesday, September 3. Classes begin on Wednesday, September 4. Watch for emails from your Orientation Leader. They will keep you up-to-date about activities and events on campus. Take a peek at this checklist for more things you should take care of in your first few weeks at St. Thomas.  


Invite parents and/or family to attend our Family Weekend and Homecoming events. Study for mid-terms and consider taking advantage of resources from Academic Counseling & Support.


Register for spring semester classes. All first-year students will meet with an academic counselor to think about and discuss potential majors and careers. Meeting with your academic counselor is required in order for you to register for spring semester courses. Enjoy Thanksgiving break!


You have completed your first semester at St. Thomas! Watch for information on spring activities and apply for student leadership positions.


J-Term. Enjoy a break, take a class, or go on a VISION trip!


Classes begin for spring semester. Participate in welcome back activities or attend the Spring Activities Fair!


Complete roommate selection for the upcoming school year if staying on-campus.  Complete FAFSA materials for the upcoming school year.  Prepare for fall semester registration.