O&R Invitation

Will be sent to all first-time first-year students in May 2018, it can also be viewed online (link to be featured soon!). The O&R Invitation directs students to their St. Thomas email account, where they will find a message waiting about how to reserve a place in an O&R session and how to take any necessary placement tests. Students should sign up for O&R and complete placement exams in June 2018. Check out these next steps!

O&R Guide

Students should read the Guide to learn more about the core curriculum and fall course offerings, and then should complete the online course preference form in June 2018.  Academic counselors will use the information provided by students to register students for a full fall course load.

Student Planners

2017-2018 Student Planner (2018-2019 Student Planner to be featured soon!) is given to all new first-year, transfer, and international students at their respective orientation programs. Continuing students may purchase planners at the St. Thomas Campus Store.  

Parent/Family Planner

A Parent/Family Planner will be given to each family member and guest that attends an orientation program.   

We also have translations of the 2017-2018 Parent Planner content in select languages:

2018-2019 Parent/Family Planners to be featured soon!