About Us

Our orientation staff is here to meet your needs! Whether you will be attending orientation as a first-year student, transfer student, parent, guest, family member, or a loved one of an incoming student, you will have the opportunity to connect with our staff. We are here to guide you through this transition.

The following objectives and outcomes have been designed to uphold the University of St. Thomas’ Orientation and Registration Mission.

  • Facilitate connections between new students, helping them gain confidence in their ability to become a fully functioning member of our university community.
  • Provide opportunities to learn about the academic environment (from courses to degree programs).
  • Foster an awareness of institutional support services and co-curricular engagement opportunities.
  • Serve as an informational and referral resource to new students and their families – attending both to their stated needs and to our specific learning outcomes.
  • Support and advance St. Thomas' identity as a Catholic liberal arts university.
  • Utilize student and family evaluations and national survey data to continually improve the program.
  • Students will begin developing connections with other new students.
  • Students will meet faculty and have an initial understanding of classroom expectations in a college environment.
  • Students will gain a basic understanding of degree components and will be able to make initial informed decisions about course registration.
  • Students will gain knowledge about opportunities for campus involvement.
  • Students will gain a general understanding of campus policies and their responsibility as a member of the St. Thomas community.
  • Students will learn about academic support resources.
  • Students will leave feeling better prepared to attend St. Thomas.
  • Parents/guests will obtain an increased understanding of the adjustments students face in their transition to college and the importance of establishing appropriate boundaries as a result of attending O&R.
  • Parents/guests will have opportunities to meet faculty and staff.
  • Parents/guests will learn where and how to get support from St. Thomas if needed.
  • Parents/guests will gain a broader and general understanding of campus policies and procedures, academic expectations and their student’s responsibility to the St. Thomas community.
  • Parents/guests will feel confident in their student’s ability to succeed at St. Thomas.