African Nations Student Association

The purpose of the African Nations’ Student Association is to provide students of the University of St. Thomas with a forum to promote knowledge of Africa and countries of the African diaspora as well as act as a resource for UST African students. ANSA promotes the University of St. Thomas’s commitment to diversity by encouraging cultural awareness, dialogue and exchange.

ANSA Africa Night - African Nations Student Association

Asian Students in America

Asian Students in America (ASIA) strives to build and sustain an inclusive environment for all individuals to foster, promote, and celebrate Asian cultures within the University of St. Thomas community.

ASIA group - Asian Students in America

Black Empowerment Student Alliance

Black Empowerment Student Alliance will serve as a support network for black student on the University of St. Thomas. The Black Empowerment Student Alliance is committed to promoting a greater awareness of black culture and black presence within the University of St. Thomas and the community at large. 

BESA - Black Empowerment Student Alliance

Diversity Activities Board

DAB is a student programming board for the University responsible for bringing educational programs focused on diversity and inclusion. DAB plans programs such as lectures, music, workshops, community building, cultural celebrations, and various other social justice events. 

Diversity Activities Board - Diversity Activities Board

Diversity in Business

The Diversity in Business Club will strive to be a resource for multi-cultural students who plan to pursue business related careers and/or are interested in learning about the different fields and opportunities in business. 

Diversity in Business - Diversity in Business

Globally Minded Students Association

Globally Minded Students Association (GMSA) aims to promote and broaden international awareness at the University of St. Thomas and in the surrounding community. 

GMSA - Globally Minded Students Association

Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement

Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement (H.O.L.A.) is an organization that aims to build bridges by informing the St. Thomas community on Latinx/Hispanic heritage, embracing the diversity of cultures, and promoting the professional achievement of its members.

(H.O.L.A.) - Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement

Hmong United Students Association

The purpose of this organization is to unite all Hmong students. HUSA advocates for Hmong students to address their collective needs and promote the balance of equality and unity on their behalf. The purpose of HUSA is to see and support the Hmong students in the success of their overall experience on campus in the areas of cultural, educational and institutional growth.

Hmong United Students Association - Hmong United Students Association

Muslim Student Association

The purpose of this association shall be to promote and broaden awareness of Muslim culture among students, faculty, and the staff of the University of St. Thomas as Muslim population continues to grow in Minnesota. 

Muslim Student Association - Muslim Student Association

Queer Straight Alliance

The mission of Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) is to foster respect and equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Pansexual, Asexual, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary, Plus individuals and supporters within the University of St. Thomas community. 

Queer Straight Alliance - Queer Straight Alliance