Elizabeth Stephenson - 2017 1st Place Winner

I am thrilled to participate in the poster contest for SDIS Diversity Dialogues series. Thecause is near and dear to my heart, as is SDIS. This design represents how messy the truth can be. In a society surrounded by alternative facts and a system that tries to silence us, now more than ever we must speak up. Constantly bombarded by lies, we must seek to understand and share what is right, just, and true. My piece illustrates an explosion of color; the eruption of truth from one’s lips. To me, speaking up is sharing the truth when it gets hard. This difficulty is represented by the darkness also presented in the image. It is a simple design, yet it encompasses the personal struggle I feel in my relationship with speaking the truth. My passion for advocacy and love of diversity, the bright explosion of colors. The weight of our world and the difficulty in seeking truth, the heavy, dark gray and black lines. This poster represents the necessity to enlighten ourselves and others in the face of adversity. Speaking up means standing up to oppression in all of its forms. By speaking up, we can promote respect and show support for each other, especially those who are oppressed. Allies must speak up to defend the oppressed, using privilege to fight adversity. Falling in line with the mission of Student Diversity and Inclusion Services, speaking up is the first step in education, leadership, advocacy, and fostering community, especially here on campus. I hope my poster can inspire fellow tommies and those of the broader community to celebrate diversity and advocate for truth and justice, here on campus and in our world as a whole. Let us speak up, all for the common good!

- Elizabeth Stephenson

Karina Cuate-Ramirez - 2017 2nd Place Winner

Speak up!

Student Diversity & Inclusion Services has continuously shown their commitment to speaking up against injustices, standing up for human rights, and educating the greater St. Thomas community. All of the hard work and dedication that I have witnessed over the years, by both faculty/staff and students, inspired my design.

I wrote out different words that SDIS stands for, groups that SDIS speaks up for, and I made them look as if they were coming out of the megaphone. These words are intended to symbolize sound waves, waves that carry dignity and respect for every human being.

Every word is typed in different colors – this was done not only to distinguish certain groups – but also to reiterate the fact that speaking up comes in every shade of brown. No matter what your identities are, remember to speak up. You have a voice. Your voice is important. Your voice will be heard.

- Karina Cuate-Ramirez

Mary Yeboah - 2017 3rd Place Winner

Speak Up - Defend The Oppressed

- Mary Yeboah