Academic Affairs Partnership

The Division of Student Affairs will partner with academic affairs to enhance retention with a special emphasis on improving first to second year student retention, to maximize student learning and to build campus community.

Welcome Days and Tommie Advantage

Student Affairs has partnered with colleagues across the university to develop a more comprehensive and educational experience for first-year students during their first five days on campus (Welcome Days) and for the larger student body over the course of the first six weeks of the academic year (Tommie Advantage).

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Living Learning Communities

Student Affairs has partnered with colleagues in Academic Affairs to create Living Learning Communities, which provide programming, one-on-one interactions and various co-curricular opportunities to enhance the curricular learning that occurs within the classroom.

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Center for College Sleep

The Center for College Sleep was created out of a partnership between staff in Student Affairs and faculty in Academic Affairs.  The American College Health Association identified poor sleep as one of its top health concerns for students and cited better sleep as one of five key benchmarks for improving academic success for its 2020 Healthy Campus campaign. The mission of the center is to better understand and improve college sleep by providing rigorous research, educational outreach and innovative programming.

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Near Completion Graduation Outreach Project

Student Affairs has partnered with the Center for Student Achievement to identify first-time first-year (FTFY) students who left St. Thomas with without a degree, but were 96-99% complete. The goal is to positively impact 4 and 6 year graduation rates, encourage former-returning students to take their final courses at St. Thomas, and help students identify a path to completion in a timely manner. 

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