Strategic Areas of Emphasis

Academic Affairs Partnership

The Division of Student Affairs will partner with academic affairs to enhance retention and graduation rates, to maximize co-curricular student learning and to build campus community. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Division of Student Affairs will enhance a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community through programming initiatives, strategies to deepen professional staff competencies, and realizing efforts to recruit, hire, retain and advance a socially conscious staff.

Healthy Campus

The Division of Student Affairs established the Center for Well-Being, integrating health and mental health services with prevention, wellness, and resiliency programs providing students, faculty, and staff with a patient-centered holistic approach to health and well-being.  

Learning Outcomes

The Division of Student Affairs implemented Tommie Advantage, a curricular approach to student learning beyond the classroom to guide planning and assessment.

Career and Vocation

The Division of Student Affairs will provide opportunities for students to develop their purpose and calling to inform their career choices and provide experiential learning, networking connections, and employer relations that will ensure our students are career ready with the skills/competencies to make a difference in the world.


The Division of Student Affairs will expand support for globalization by developing programs and collaborations that allow for meaningful connections to be made between international and domestic students, minimize barriers for international students, and enhance the intercultural competence of student affairs staff.

Interfaith Cooperation 

The Division of Student Affairs will foster interfaith cooperation and learning among students and increase the capacity of staff to understand interfaith issues and religious diversity.

Service and Social Innovation

The Division of Student Affairs will contribute to a campus-wide culture of social innovation and service in support of the Ashoka Changemaker Campus designation.