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Integrated and Expanded Health and Wellness Programs

The first priority of the Integrated and Expanded Health and Wellness Programs task force will be an exploration of how to implement a health and wellness strategic initiative that best fits the mission and unique strengths of the University.  We imagine the work of the committee will be iterative and sequential, with exploration of academic possibilities informed by mission framing the initial approach. Therefore, the task force is comprised of 8 faculty members and a representative from Student Affairs. 

Given the breadth of the health and wellness sector, we will explore the possibilities of expanding existing offerings, including interdisciplinary efforts, as well as development of new programming.  This will involve examination of the changing landscape of health and healthcare in the U.S. and around the world; a study of existing UST programs, those of local schools, and those of aspirational and regional schools as well as occupational outlooks and market trends. 

As our work proceeds, we expect to draw consultation from finance and operations, marketing, development, and enrollment services, resulting in a “roadmap” for the discussion and evaluation of the feasibility of expanded health and wellness programming. Ultimately, decisions regarding programming will bring together academic and administrative units informed by the committee’s work.

Fall 2015:

  • Hold the "Summit Ideas Festival" and use feedback from this event to structure questions, ideas, and goals for the UST community to respond to.
  • Hold brown bags with the UST community to get thoughts and feedback on the future of Health Education at UST.
  • Develop draft proposal(s) for Integrated and Expanded Health and Wellness at UST.

Spring 2016:

  • Continue discussion with the UST and broader community around the draft proposals.
  • Modify proposals based on feedback.
  • Make recommendations to administration.

Christopher S. Vye, Co-Chair
Chair of the Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Paul J. Wojda, Co-Chair
Associate Professor of Theology

Jill M. Manske
Professor of Biology

Madonna K. McDermott
Director of Student Health Service and Wellness Center

John R. Olson
Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

David J. Roseborough
Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Lesley M. Scibora
Assistant Professor of Health and Human Performance

John Spry
Associate Professor of Finance

Michael J. Winter, Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) liaison
Professor of Philosophy


Past Members

William T. Brendel
Assistant Professor of Organization Learning and Development