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Enhanced Visibility and Profile

The Enhanced Visibility and Profile task force will oversee, develop and monitor initiatives designed to raise the visibility of the University of St. Thomas and enhance both our academic profile and recognition.  The work of this task force will specifically address key points in the strategic plan related to enhanced visibility and profile; with a series of subtask forces organized to address specific and varied efforts related to these issues.  This task force will have responsibility for developing and monitoring subtask force initiatives and their configuration.  

Subtask forces will include but not be limited to:  

  • comprehensive branding (Branding Working Group)

  • national academic recognition and reputation including 1) national awards for specific areas of strength(examples: Sen. Paul Simon Award, president’s community service honor roll) 2)the preparation of St. Thomas students to compete for national awards and support 3) faculty work that enhances our national reputation for academic excellence

  • virtual alumni engagement

  • marketing and communications to broader national areas

These subtask forces will focus on specific key areas to drive results and outcomes related to their particular initiative.  Subtask forces will have broad representation, scope and both strategic and tactical responsibilities.

Fall 2015:

  • Plan and fully prepare the brand strategy roll out and launch
  • Implement the successful launch of three national alumni chapters to assist with Institutional Advancement and Admissions efforts
  • Begin the planning process for the website redesign
  • Obtain information to better understand the methodology supporting national rankings and the criteria utilized; examine the process in place for assessing St. Thomas outcome information
  • Implement a survey to incorporate information from faculty to assist in our marketing efforts
  • Implement year two strategies of the Admissions & Financial Aid Five-Year Plan

Spring 2015:

  • Successfully launch the new brand strategy
  • Initiate the website redesign process
  • Expand communication with national higher education leaders
  • Incorporate information from the survey of faculty engagement to strengthen brand messages utilizing various media
  • Design dashboard metrics to measure the impact of the branding initiatives
  • Restructure on-campus marketing efforts that result in consistent and uniform messaging across the university

Daniel L. Meyer, Co-Chair
Vice President for Enrollment Services Management

Kimberly Motes, Co-Chair (until February 2016)
Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Brian C. Brown
Executive Director of Media and Senior Editor

Ryan French
Associate Vice President for Advancement

Julie L. Gacnik
Director of Graduate Marketing Communications and Enrollment

Stacy Hanley
Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale, Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) liaison
Associate Professor of Finance

David J. Lemon
Associate Director of Anderson Student Center

Michelle C. Morgan
Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator

Joanne W. Pauley
Director for Advancement Communications 

Kris Roach
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Stephen Vuolo
Clinical Faculty, Marketing

Kyle D. Zimmer
Associate Professor of Biology


Past Members

Stacy M. Hanley
Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Kimberly J. Motes
Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement

William D. Raffield
Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management