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Educating for the Future

The Educating for the Future Task Force aims at addressing and achieving the strategic plan priority of Educating for the Future. To that end, the task force—informed by constituents throughout the university—will:

I.  Develop a revised undergraduate curriculum that considers elements outlined in the strategic plan, and make recommendations for a revised undergraduate curriculum to appropriate decision-making bodies as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

II.  Create an integrative roadmap for the comprehensive review of all graduate programs including a review of collaborative opportunities between graduate and undergraduate programs.  Colleges and schools will report their findings to the Task Force, which will then make recommendations for revisions to appropriate decision-making bodies as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

Fall 2015:  

  • Introduce distilled "essence" list (learning outcomes) to community for feedback and discussion.
  • Identify curricular elements/features that best speak to our essence and best practices. Explore these in the context of St. Thomas.
  • Develop template for graduate program reivew.

Spring 2016:  

Because our task is so large, we are developing specific goals at the beginning of each semester. Right now, we hope to propose 2-3 curricular models to the community by the end of Spring 2016. 

John P. Abraham,  Co-Chair
Professor of Engineering
email: JPABRAHAM@stthomas.edu

Kristine H. Wammer, Co-Chair
Associate Professor of Chemistry
email: KHWAMMER@stthomas.edu

Tonia S. Bock
Associate Professor of Psychology

Bernard V. Brady, designee from Provost
Professor and Chair of Theology, Chair of Core Curriculum Committee (CCC)

Renee L. Buhr, appointee from CAS Division 4
Associate Professor of Political Science

Jayna L. Ditty, Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) liaison & appointee from CAS division 3
Associate Professor of Biology

W. Matthews Grant,  appointee from CAS Division 2
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Stephanie D. Grimm, designee from the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Terence G. Langan, designee from the Dean's Council
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Steven T. Maurer, designee from the Division of Student Affairs
Psychologist/Practicum Coordinator, Counseling and Psychological Services

Sandra L. Menssen, designee from the Core Curriculum Committee (CCC)
Professor of Philosophy

Andrea A. Nesmith, appointee from CELC/School of Social Work
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Kim R. Sovell, designee from the Adjunct Faculty Council (AFC)
Adjunct Faculty of Marketing

Dale B. Thompson, appointee from the Opus College of Business
Associate Professor of Ethics and Business Law

Daniel G. Tight, appointee from CAS Division 1
Associate Professor of Spanish, Modern and Classical Languages

Elizabeth T. Welsh, appointee from the Opus College of Business
Assistant Professor of Management

John E. Wentz, appointee from Divinity/Law/Engineering
Associate Professor of Engineering

Wendy N. Wyatt (served as co-chair until January 2016)
Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies