Canvas Participants

The participating colleges have been displayed below.


Participating Faculty:

Law: Teresa Collett, Megan McNevin

CELC:  Bill Brendel, Candace Chou, Bryana French, Jo Montie

CAS: William Barnes, Tonia Bock, Kerri Carlson, Corri Carvalho, Erin M. Curran, Leah Domine, Sarah Hankerson, Thomas Hickson, Chris Kachian, Jill Manske, Susana Pérez-Castillejo, Sarah Schmelenberger, Heather Shirey,  Marty Warren

GPS: Charlie Betz, Eric Level

Social Work: Renee Hepperlen, Melissa Lundquist, Hiyana Xiong

OCB:  Kashif Ahmad, Sanjeev Bordoloi, Chad Brinsfield, Bob Connor, Laura Dunham, Pat Hedberg, Kathy Jenson, Scott Kulstad, Avinash Malshe, Dan McLaughlin, Christopher Michaelson, Jack Militello, Jason Pattit, Mike Porter, Tom Ressler, Teresa Rothausen, Mick Sheppeck, Kim Sovell, Janet Stacey, Dale Thompson,  Fritz Wenzel, Joe White,  Muer Yang

We estimate that 480 students will be participating in the Canvas trial through their professor's participation. Their opinions will be taken into consideration when deciding if St. Thomas will switch to the Canvas LMS.

Faculty Feedback

“My experience with Canvas has been positive. As a long-time user of Blackboard (almost 15 years), I can honestly say that Canvas does everything that Blackboard can do, and in many cases, it is easier to use than Blackboard.”

“Just a note to comment on how much nicer it is to work in Canvas. As you know I am back to using Blackboard for J-term, and had forgotten how clunky and unintuitive it can be.”

“It rocks.”

“Seriously, it has been so easy to use and the students seem to be adapting to it very easily…They were really excited about losing Blackboard."

“But from my perspective, I am really impressed with it: drag and drop capabilities are awesome. Help has been pretty good. My co-instructors have mentioned that it looks way better.”

“Mobile interface in Blackboard is clunky and doesn't work. The Canvas mobile interface looks great.”

“The conversion from a Blackboard course into Canvas course is surprisingly straightforward. Two most useful tools are SpeedGrader and Course Analytics.”

“I’m really starting to like the whole module process and can see that influencing how I think about course design right off the bat.”

“I started this class from scratch rather than importing from Blackboard. I found it very easy to set up and I’ve been able to make it do all that I need it to do.  (And, as you are probably aware, I didn’t attend any of the group orientations to Canvas, so I think this is a testament to how easy Canvas is to manage with very little training).”

“Canvas is much more intuitive. – Canvas looks like something our high level executives would expect to see. Blackboard looks old.”