Research Computing Services

One of the three pillars of STELAR's mission is to increase research capabilities, visibility and support.

Some of the services currently being planned and developed include:

Support for Big Data research projects

  • Hadoop, Spark, GPU, IoT, etc.
  • Complete the pipeline from data preparation to results
  • Help turning ideas into algorithms
  • À la carte for researchers ready to rock
  • Cluster computing in the cloud

Statistical Analysis

  • Statistical analysis for researchers to help evaluate their data
  • Assistance developing statistical models and methodologies
  • “Conventional” data analysis- R, SPSS, etc.

St. Thomas Research Online

  • Access to a full-featured Research Portal for internal and external researchers with storage, evaluation and retrieval capabilities for research-related documents

Because these services are in active planning and development, we are eager to hear from you! What is it you would like to see us offer?  What would you like to be able to do that you cannot now?  You are essential partners in shaping our research support services, so bring us your ideas!