What are Faculty and Students saying about Canvas?

Canvas is much more intuitive than Blackboard.

[Canvas] rocks. Seriously, it has been so easy to use and the students seem to be adapting to it very easily.

The Canvas mobile interface looks great.

I can see [Canvas] influencing how I think about course design right off the bat.

My experience with Canvas has been positive. As a long-time user of Blackboard (almost 15 years), I can honestly say that Canvas does everything that Blackboard can do, and in many cases, it is easier to use than Blackboard.

The conversion from a Blackboard course into Canvas course is surprisingly straightforward.

I found [Canvas] very easy to set up and I’ve been able to make it do all that I need it to do. And, as you are probably aware, I didn’t attend any of the group orientations so I think this is a testament to how easy Canvas is to manage.

Canvas looks like something our high level executives would expect to see. Blackboard looks old.

It’s incredibly easy to use for multiple classes. It lays out every assignment clearly and shows what is due when. There’s no time spent trying to figure out what is where and how to do it.

Didn’t even take a minute to learn. Super easy to find everything, and grades are easier to see than using Blackboard.

Please upgrade from Blackboard. Canvas actually looks like it was developed in the 21st Century.

Dump Blackboard and switch to Canvas immediately!

I like that there is so much you can do on it.

Canvas is so much slicker to use and more aesthetically pleasing than Blackboard. I love it!