Blackboard Communities

Blackboard Communities, also called "organizations" (found in the UST Community tab on the MyUST portal) are intended for use by formal and informal organizations within the university that would like web space for information sharing, collaboration and communication. A student club, faculty committee, or administrative department may elect to use a Blackboard organization in order to post announcements, create an organizational calendar, share documents, convene a threaded discussion, and meet in a virtual classroom.

The software functions the same as the Course software, with a few different naming conventions to fit community definitions vs. course definitions. A UST username and password are required to access Blackboard communities. The Blackboard communities are intended primarily for use by faculty, staff, and degree-seeking students of the university.

Like other communities, on-line communities flourish and grow through the attention of community members to one another. Each organization has a manager who is responsible for the activity of the community site. Codes of conduct that guide student and employee behavior apply here as well. All requests by students for organization sites will be directed to the division of Student Affairs for review and resolution.

Community Site Enrollment options

  • Manual Enrollment (Owner of community site adds participants through the control panel)
  • Controlled Enrollment (Owner of community site is notified via email when members request enrollment)
  • Member Self Enrollment (Members can enroll themselves using the Enroll button to the right of the community site listing)

Community Site Browse Access

  • If you simply would like visitors to browser your content like a Web page, managers can open certain sections of the Community site. Managers can open the content areas to any person with web access through the Control Panel, by clicking Course Settings, Area Availability, then de-select the areas you would like to open under the Secure column.
  • If you want members to use the Discussion Board, Quiz feature, Virtual Chat you must use some type of enrollment option.

Getting Started

Request a community site