Accessibility Resources

Assistive technologies can help make resources more available to individuals on campus. 

  • Individuals requesting accessibility accommodations are encouraged to contact the Disability Resources Office to discuss their needs.
  • The accessibility features of various technologies used across campus are dependent on the tool in question. A list of Assistive Technology Resources and specific workstation locations where these are already installed can be found on the Disability Resources website.

  • Faculty interested in developing accessible course content are encouraged to contact Faculty Development to discuss their individual needs.

Captioning your video content

Captioning video and multimedia is essential to meet ADA/Section508 requirements and is beneficial for all learners. Including captioning with video or audio course materials creates an inclusive, equal learning environment for learners with disabilities, and proactively addresses a diverse range of abilities and learning needs including students for whom English is a second language whose reading skills are often better than their spoken English skills, students with learning disabilities (some students with learning disabilities comprehend material better when they both see text and hear it spoken aloud) and students watching/listening in a noisy environment.

Please fill out the following form to request the creation of captions for your video content.