Faculty Grant for Academic Technology and Online Learning

The St. Thomas eLearning and Research (STELAR) Center is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for faculty to promote and encourage the development of high-quality, meaningful online learning at St. Thomas. STELAR is inviting proposals from both individual faculty and faculty teams for the following funding categories.

2017 Funding Categories

  1. Development of an Online or Blended Course:  $5,000 award.

  2. Research related to Academic Technology, and/or the emerging technologies housed in the STELAR Technology Showcase:  $3,000 award.

  3. Completion of the STELAR Online Teaching Certificate Program.  $500 per completion of each of three five-week courses offered by STELAR, and another $500 for serving as a faculty mentor for future students for one semester, for a total of $2,000 possible.

Application Process & Due Dates

To apply, fill out the appropriate form and submit to Brett Coup (brett.coup@stthomas.edu or Mail#5004) or bring it to STELAR (LIB LL20) by the due date.  Please feel free to contact STELAR with questions about your application before you submit.  Our instructional designers and technologists are happy to help you think through what would make a compelling course design or research application.

Due Dates

  • June 29th, 2017: Applications for Summer 2017 enrollees in the Online Teaching Certificate Program.
  • September 1, 2017: Applications for Fall 2017 projects with a J-Term or Spring 2018 completion date, and for emerging technology research projects.

The STELAR Faculty Fellows, leadership team and representatives from Faculty Development will work together to rank proposals based on the criteria listed in this document, and forward that ranking to the Provost for final approval.


These awards are available to all full-time and adjunct St. Thomas faculty.  This grant may not duplicate release time or a stipend provided for the same project by other St. Thomas internal funds.   
All applications must be signed off on by the appropriate Dean or Chair to acknowledge the time commitment required for this work, and (for course development projects) to verify that the online/blended version of the course in question will be offered regularly and is or will be an important component of the division curriculum.

Selection Criteria

Funding Category 1: Online or Blended Course Development

  • Top priority given to courses that are a part of a fully online degree or certificate.

  • Second priority given to undergraduate core courses on our top twenty summer transfer courses.
  • Courses that may differentiate themselves from similar courses at other institutions will be prioritized over courses with a very standard delivery strategy. (We realize that much of the delivery strategy will emerge during the course development process, but a unique twist or uncommon subject pairing will definitely get our attention.)

  • Priority will be given to applications that incorporate a research component on student learning outcomes (e.g., IDEA or other student response data, measures of learning, assessment information, etc.). This is not an absolute requirement of the grant.

Funding Category 1: Online or Blended Course Development Application

Funding Category 2: Research in Academic Technology

  • Top priority given to projects that utilize or study the emerging technologies currently housed in the STELAR Technology Showcase.

Right now, this is Virtual and/or Augmented Reality.

More information on VR in education: http://er.educause.edu/articles/2016/3/the-promise-of-virtual-reality-in-higher-education

  • Second priority given to projects that explore issues of efficacy in online or blended learning.

A quick survey page is here: http://research.library.gsu.edu/c.php?g=165530&p=1613153  

Funding Category 2: Research in Academic Technology Application