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Fall 2017

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Canvas Series

Session Name Description Schedule
Quick Start Join us for a quick introduction to Canvas and some simple getting started techniques to prepare your course. Schedule
Grading Learn about the range of grading options in Canvas. Schedule
Quizzes Canvas Quizzes offer many options for measuring student progress toward your course outcomes. This session will introduce you to the various ways you can leverage the Quizzing tool. Schedule
Embedding Content Embedding allows for the seamless utilization for various types of content. In this session you will be introduced to the various embedding options built in, and connected to, Canvas. Schedule
Vericite Plagiarism Detection Vericite is the Plagiarism Detection solution integrated with Canvas. In this session you'll learn how this tool works and various strategies for integrating it into your class. Schedule



Session Name Description Schedule
Using Video in your course  Video can be an integral part of any course. In this session we will discuss the tools and sources you have available for integration and utilizing video objects in your course site. Schedule
DIY Video creation  Making your own video objects can be fun and easy. In this session we will introduce you yo the tools you can leverage today to build your own course video objects. Schedule


Academic Technologies

Session Name Description Schedule
Classroom Polling   Schedule
Integrating Library Resources   Schedule
Panopto (DIY Video Creation)   Schedule
Proctorio You’re interested in moving your exams online, but you have concerns about the integrity of your exams and students’ propensity to cheat. Sound familiar? Schedule
Voicethread  Are you tired of typing and reading text-based discussions in Blackboard? Do you wish there was a way to communicate your content using voice or video? Now there is! Schedule
Zoom   Schedule


Course Design & Pedagogy

Session Name Description Schedule
Accessibility  Ensuring accessibility and usability in your courses can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Schedule
English Language Learners  In this session, I’ll identify the challenges for English Language Learners(ELLs) and provide ways to support your ELL students through instructional design. Schedule
Online Pedagogy Brownbag  Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the growing number of trends in Educational Technology? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Schedule
Writing Measurable Outcomes  Learning outcomes lay the foundation for the design, delivery, and assessment of learning, but they are only effective if they are measurable. Schedule
What is Quality Matters?  Quality Matters (QM) provides professional development and a research-based course review process aimed at improving the quality of online and blended courses. Schedule