Digital Resource Management

Open Educational Resources

Ready to ditch the textbook? We can help you to identify existing free, online textbooks or create an original compilation of online resources for your students and work to incorporate these resources into your courses.

Resources to Investigate

Video Licensing

Working closely with the Library, STELAR can help you obtain and use copyrighted digital material for your online, hybrid, or web-enhanced course. If you plan to include sections of copyrighted videos in your courses, we can contact the publisher to determine any associated costs, or help you explore the library’s extensive offerings of royalty-free videos. If you need help with video licensing or copyright, contact John Heintz at

Video Libraries

Films on Demand, etc.

Publisher Testbanks & Content

We can help you upload and organize publisher testbanks into randomized Blackboard tests for your students, ensuring that they don’t all get the same questions, but are tested on all learning outcomes equally. We can also help you link to publisher content and integrate it into your own Blackboard material.