University Tickets

STAR uses University Tickets as its primary source for selling tickets to St. Thomas students. The purpose of this online resource is to provide an easy and reliable way for students to purchase tickets for certain STAR events. STAR uses tickets for a small portion of its events, they include but are not limited to dances, giveaways, the mystery bus, musicals, plays, restaurant trips, professional sports games and many other events. To learn how to use the University Tickets website, please look below.

University Tickets Website

How To Purchase an Event Ticket

1. Go to the Website, click “Login” to begin
2. Students will need to login, click “UST Login” and Log in with UST username and password
3. Customer Registration - Please fill out billing and shipping information
4. Find the event you would like to buy a ticket for - Please read all information provided!
5. After purchasing tickets- Students must print out the E-ticket to be scanned at the entrance

Ticket Refund and Transfer Policy

Tickets can be refunded at Tommie Central in the Anderson Student Center up to 48 hours before the event. Tommie Central staff will not accept returns if the event is within 48 hours. Additionally, Tommie Central will not transfer a ticket to another individual. STAR interns will not accept a transferred ticket under any condition, the individual that bought the ticket must be the one to use the ticket.