A row of students sitting at a desk.

Pre-Theology Program

If you have completed an undergraduate degree without attending college seminary, The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity provides a two-year Pre-Theology Program for priesthood candidates. As part of the formation program, the Pre-Theology Curriculum‌ includes a broad foundation in philosophy and theology as outlined in the Program of Priestly Formation (PPF). Students examine the contributions of philosophy in areas such as meta­physics, theories of the human person, theories of knowledge, and ethics. The theology program offers an introduction to biblical texts, interpretive methods, and a solid foundation in Church documents and teaching. Pre-Theology students take a total of 68 credits and receive a thorough academic preparation specifically oriented to priestly ministry.‌

Pre-Theology students are full participants in the seminary's prayer and community life. They receive individualized spiritual guidance and enjoy strong community support in their vocational discernment while attending classes at The Saint Paul Seminary and the University of St. Thomas.