A Good Day in Honduras

February 17, 2016
Submitted by Michael, Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

Day three of surgeries and so many amazing encounters with the local Hondurans as well as members of the brigade from so many different backgrounds and parts of the United States.  In high supply are both team work and lots of good humor.  One of the other brigade members commented that she enjoyed serving in pre-surgery since it gave her a chance to personally connect with the patients.  This really hit me realizing that we have been able to get to know the patients more than the surgeons themselves.  It's been a joy to put my Spanish to good use as an interpreter and also draw on my chaplaincy experience offering a pre-surgery prayer whenever it is welcome.  I've been moved by the spiritual fervor of the Honduran people, and their great gratitude for everything we try to do through the medical mission.  It's really well organized and there is always some way that each of us can chime in to serve one another.  Highlights today were:  the post-surgery smiles, good humor of the nursing crew, the moments in prayer, the hearty meal at supper, and the spirit of solidarity.   Looking forward to seeing more patients tomorrow!