Newly Assigned Parochial Vicars and Pastors: Men of Communion in Ministry

Multi-dimensional ongoing formation for newly assigned (2018) parochial vicars and pastors.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM


This luncheon with the Archbishop is an opportunity for pastors and their newly assigned parochial vicars to take some initial steps in building a fruitful priestly relationship for their ministry together. 


    It is important that pastors and parochial vicars view each other as collaborators in ministering to the needs of the faithful. For this to be fruitful, it is necessary for your relationship with each other to be a high priority. Our priestly fraternity calls us regard one another and each man's gifts as a mutual blessing as you live, pray, minister and, at times, suffer together in  fruitful service to the parish family. Such fruitfulness grows through open communication, understanding and clarity in the various roles played by the pastor as shepherd, father, supervisor, and brother priest and by the parochial vicar as a brother priest with his own gifts, eager to grow in his capacity to serve.


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