Welcome from the RectorCallaghan, Msgr. Aloysius 2005 (188x235)

The Institute for Ongoing Clergy Formation's mission is founded upon the profound truth that every priest is called to continued rebirth into the fullness of life in Christ. Indeed, continuing formation is in reality the very living out of the priestly vocation which for the priest, is the way in which he will live the fullness of his union with Christ.

The priest's continuing formation is not simply a matter of professional technique, but rather, as Pastores Dabo Vobis explains, "Its aim must be that of promoting a grounded and integral process of constant growth, deepening each of the aspects of formation - human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral - as well as ensuring their active and harmonious integration based on pastoral charity and in reference to it."

There is a very specific and well-focused goal: "ongoing formation presents itself as a necessary means to the priest of today in order to achieve the aim of his vocation: the service of God and His people." (Directory for the Life and Ministry of Priests).

Our prayer now is that the Lord who has called us to this work will bring it to completion with an abundance of blessings and grace.

Msgr. Aloysius Callaghan
Rector of The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity