Office of the Registrar

Students approved for graduate work by the Admissions Committee may register by using the University of St. Thomas web registration or in person at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity's registrar's office.

The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity Registrar's Office is located in Room 110 of our administrative building. 

Cherie Coffee, School of Divinity Registrar 
The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity
2260 Summit Avenue St. Paul, MN  55105
(651) 962-5770

The Graduate Financial Aid Page lists all Tuition, Fees, Room and Board Rates.


Textbooks are available through the UST Bookstore;

Please direct all textbook questions to the course instructor.


Please note:  Leaflet Missal offers a 15% discount to seminarians.

Prospective students who want to undertake study beyond the baccalaureate, but do not meet all the requirements for regular admission or who may not intend to earn a graduate degree, may apply for graduate nondegree admission.  The applicant must submit official transcripts of undergraduate and graduate work, as well as a detailed resume.  Nondegree students must have the Academic Dean's permission for admission to classes and may not receive financial aid from The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity.  Nondegree students who wish to audit a course must have the permission of the Academic Dean.

A current student may register to audit a course with the approval of the course instructor and the academic adviser.  Nondegree students who wish to audit a course must have the permission of the Academic Dean.

While auditors are not expected to take the final examination or to complete written assignments, they are required to attend all classes and to complete the reading necessary to participate fully in the class.  Audited classes do not receive credit toward a degree.  

Changes after registration are initiated by using the Drop/Add form.  Students must consult with the academic adviser when adding or dropping a course and obtain the adviser's signature.  Students who drop a course within the first ten days of the semester will receive a full tuition refund.  After ten days, students receive a partial refund based on a sliding scale according to the date of the change in registration.  This schedule of dates is published each semester and is available online here.

A "W" (withdrawal) grade is given when a student has decided to forfeit the course after the deadline for formal withdrawal has passed.  This deadline occurs near the midpoint of the course. Students intending to withdraw from a course must notify the instructors and their academic advisers and complete a withdrawal form available from the Registrar's office.


Minnesota Consortium of Theological Schools

Students enrolled in a degree program at one of the member schools are eligible to take courses at one of the other seminaries at the same tuition rate and with automatic credit transfer to the student’s school. Students are registered on a space-available basis, with priority going to students of the school at which the course is scheduled. Students registering under the consortium agreement pay tuition through the student’s home school. Residential courses scheduled in the fall-summer terms are available under this program, subject to the policy of the offering school. Online courses are excluded.

The process for enrollment is the following:

  1. Students wishing to take courses from other MNCTS schools must obtain written permission from their academic advisor to confirm that the course is appropriate to their academic goals and transferable to their primary program of study.
  2. Prior to enrolling in the course, students must fulfill any prerequisites or other condition required of the program sponsoring the course.
  3. Students register for courses by contacting the SPSSOD Registrar in the administration building.  The Registrar will process the registration or direct students to the appropriate office through which they must register.

MNCTS Cross Registration

Continuous Enrollment

All degree candidates are required to be continuously enrolled each semester from initial admission until all degree requirements are completed and graduation has occurred.

In the event a student cannot or does not register for at least one course in any semester, the registrar will register the student for continuing enrollment during the regular registration period.  The fee for continuous enrollment is $100.  Continuous enrollment status has 0 credits attached and, therefore, does not qualify a student for loan deferment.  A degree candidate who does not register either for courses or for continuous enrollment for more than two consecutive semesters will be reveiwed by the student's academic adviser and program director to determine if the student is making satisfactory academic progress to complete the degree in time limits permitted for the particular degree program.

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence requests should be submitted to the registrar's office and received before the first day of class of the semester during which the student wishes to take a leave.  It is the student's responsibility to notify the program director of any additional leave requests for future terms or other changes affecting enrollment plans and academic progress.  Students have eight years to complete a degree program and LOA's do not extend this period of matriculation. 

Leave of Absence