Bp. Andrew H. Cozzens, S.T.D.

Interim Rector and Vice President

Rev. Joseph Taphorn, J.C.L.

Rector and Vice President Elect

Rev. Scott M. Carl

Vice Rector for Administration and Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture

Thomas J. Fisch

Associate Professor of Sacramental Theology and Liturgy

Rev. John P. Floeder

Instructor of Moral Theology, Dean of Seminarians

John Froula

Assistant Professor of Dogmatic Theology

Stephen A. Hipp

Professor of Dogmatic Theology

Rev. Jeffrey H. Huard

Director of Spiritual Formation

David P. Jenkins

Liturgical Music Director

Rev. John A. Klockeman

Assistant Director of Spiritual Formation

Rev. Allen R. Kuss

Director of Pastoral Formation

N. Curtis LeMay

Director of Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library / Theological Librarian

Rev. Thomas S. Margevicius

Instructor of Liturgical Theology and Homiletics

Msgr. Steven Rohlfs

Spiritual Director

Deborah Savage

Clinical Faculty; Philosophy and Pastoral Ministry

Kenneth D. Snyder

Interim Academic Dean and Assistant Professor of Church History

William B. Stevenson

Associate Professor of Dogmatic Theology

Christopher J. Thompson

Professor of Moral Theology and Director of the Institute for Theological Research

Christian D. Washburn

Professor of Dogmatic Theology

Rev. Kevin Zilverberg

Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture on Study Leave