Thomas J. Fisch portrait

Thomas J. Fisch

Associate Professor of Sacramental Theology and Liturgy
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 1988
M.A., University of Notre Dame, 1985
M.A., St. John's University, Collegville, MN, 1980
M.A., University of Minnesota, 1977
M.A., College of St. Thomas, 1970
B.A., The Saint Paul Seminary, 1968
Fr. Charles Froehle Administration Bldg., Room 123
(651) 962-5778
(651) 962-5790
The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity
University of St. Thomas
2260 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105

Areas of Teaching

  • Sacramental Theology and Liturgy
  • Eucharist
  • Christian Marriage
  • Liturgical Theology
  • Catholic Sacramental Worship

Areas of Research

  • Early Liturgy
  • Christology
  • The Relationship Between Liturgy and Doctrine

Faculty Accomplishments 

Fall 2017 Courses

Fall 2017 Courses
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J-Term 2018 Courses

J-Term 2018 Courses
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Spring 2018 Courses

Spring 2018 Courses
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DVST 800 - 01 The Sacraments in Lit History - - W - - - - 1815 - 2115 BEC 108
CRN: 22489 3 Credit Hours Instructor: Thomas J. Fisch This course examines the historical development of the Sacraments within the Church's liturgy, and how the Sacraments have been understood in the Church's Tradition of both East and West. This is accomplished through comparative study of the liturgical rites of the Sacraments and the teaching of the early Fathers, as well as through study of some significant, recent contributions to Catholic Sacramental Theology.

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