UST Policies

Please consult the following institutional policies as you prepare your grant or contract proposal for submission to an external funding agency.  The following policies can have a direct impact on how you design your proposal:

Approval Policy

Guidelines to submit  proposals for external grants.

Financial Conflicts of Interest
Defining financial conflicts of interest and procedures for managing them.

Cost Sharing Commitments to Sponsored Projects
Operational guidelines for the commitment of cash and in-kind matching funds in connection with sponsored projects.

Policy Relating to the Distribution of Indirect Costs Recovered
Information on how facilities and administrative (or indirect) costs are distributed at the University of St. Thomas.

Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Waivers
Guidelines for obtaining permission to waive the recovery of facilities and administrative (or indirect) costs.

Faculty Handbook
Information on operating policies and procedures at the University of St. Thomas of particular interest to members of the faculty.

Maintaining Benefits while on Fellowship Leave
Additional information coming soon.

Internal Deadlines for the Submission of Grant and Contract Proposals

Principal Investigator Eligibility on Sponsored Projects

Protection of Human Subjects
Guidelines and procedures established by the Institutional Review Board relating to the ethical treatment and protection of human subjects in scientific research.

Protection of Animals in Research
A link to the chair of the University of St. Thomas’ Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (Dr. Anthony Lewno).

Scientific Misconduct

Information on inquiry, investigations, and outcomes.

Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship (NSF Grants)
Guidelines on completing training in the responsible conduct of research for students funded by federal grants. Learn more by clicking on the RCR program description.