Wednesday of Holy Week

April 8, 2020

IS 50:4-9A/MT 26:14-25

“Surely it is not I, Rabbi?” 

[Jesus] answered, “You have said so.” 

As much as I want, with the writer of Isaiah, to be able to confidently say “See, the Lord GOD is my help; who will prove me wrong?” I need to be aware that I, like Judas, have also at times betrayed my calling as a Christian. I have sold my faith short through my lack of prudence and charity in my speech and action. 

If I am to speak with a “well-trained tongue” as the prophet says, this training must come from the One who “Morning after morning” must “open my ears that I may hear.” Have I taken the time to listen in peace and humble contemplation, so that I might be “well-trained”? As the pace of our lives is slowed in our response to the pandemic, we have an invitation into deeper listening, deeper training. Let us listen and receive the training of this Holy Week so that we may each “know how to speak a word to the weary.” 


Paul Ruff
Associate Director of Human Formation,
Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity