Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

March 24, 2020

EZ 47:1-9, 12/JN 5:1-16

In today’s Gospel reading, we hear of Jesus miraculously healing a man who had been unwell for thirty-eight years. Many in the world right now are feeling “unwell” in some regard. We are all searching for routine in such an unfamiliar period and are experiencing trials that are changing our lives drastically. However, we must remember that Jesus Christ is constant through all things. Jesus is our ultimate source of wellness. So, in times like these, we must rely on the constant outpouring of love Jesus gives us. As this global pandemic continues to unfold, we become more and more like the unwell man who wants more than anything to be lifted up and healed. We too must put our faith in the Lord and be prepared to rise up and follow Him now more than ever. 

The truth is that perfect consolation can only be found in Jesus’s love. Recommit to turning towards the Lord during this Lenten season as we work together to keep our homes and loved ones safe. As the evil one continues to try and spread lies, negativity, and panic throughout the world, Jesus offers us truth, positivity, and peace that no virus can ever change. Now is the time to rise and follow him. Our world may take time to recover, but right now we can recommit ourselves to living the Gospel call and opening our hearts to those around us. The Lord calls for the conversion of hearts during Lent and we can move hearts through the smallest gestures as we work to live and trust in the Lord!


Liam Skulley
Peer Minister