Tuesday of Holy Week

April 7, 2020

IS 49:1-6/JN 13:21-33, 36-38

We are all familiar with the temptation of the evil one. He sneaks in, like he did with Judas in today’s Gospel, even in times when we are with Jesus. However, Jesus knows when we are being temptedHe also knows how we can go forth and how to show us His love amidst tribulations.   

As we approach the celebration of the resurrection, we must remember the reason that we live and breathe today: our good and gracious Lord loves us. He knows our faults, our mistakes, our shortcomings, and our weaknesses. He loves with an abundant love that cannot be diminished, even by the dirtiness of our sin. While the evil one desires to steer us away from our Savior, we have the opportunity to confront these weaknesses head on and choose to follow the Lord  

Jesus answered, Will you lay your life down for me?  

Judas, the disciple that betrays Jesus, is also called from birth and called by name. So too, we are disciples and are known by the deep love of the Father, our Creator. Regardless of our sins, Jesus gave his life for each of us and he cleanses us. As we see in the first reading from Isaiah 49:1-6, we are sons and daughters that were carefully created and called to live for this moment.  

Today, sit with the Lord and reflect. Who am I to the Father? How have I lived like Judas? How has Jesus loved me through that and called me higher? Who around me could use a reminder of the Father’s love?  

In the final days of Lent, remember that our strength comes from the Lord. Open your heart to Him and allow Him to make you a light to the nations.


Leanna Frisbie
Peer Minister