Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent

March 28, 2020

JER 11:18-20/JN 7:40-53

I believe we are born with the innate gift to persevere. But when trials present themselves in our lives anxiety, miscarriage, addiction, loss  we can quickly break under the seemingly insurmountable weight. 

In today’s Psalm, we’re reminded that the Lord is our refuge. It’s through Him that we can rise from the ashes of despair and be renewed through the resurrection that we anticipate this Easter. Honoring the Lord as our refuge is choosing joy in the face of grief. It’s remaining steadfast in the promise of hope and personally knowing the Creator whacts as our impenetrable shield and speaks to our hearts in the still, quiet moments of Lent. 

These 40 days challenge us to renewed levels of prayer, fasting and almsgivingThey also beckon us to seek God as our refuge. Instead of turning to the world’s fleeting comforts, God invites us into deeper relationship that instills peace and allows us to persevere.  

Two weeks remain on our Lenten journey. We’re invited to journey alongside our protector through His own trial and death for we know that we must walk the road to Calvary to feast at the glorious resurrection. May we all turn to Jesus as our refuge through the trials of life this Lent and beyondpersevering in love, holiness and joy. 

O Lord, my God, in you I take refuge. 
A shield before me is God, 
who saves the upright of heart. 


Jessica Weinberger (Zimanske) 
UST Class of 2010