Monday of the Second Week of Lent

March 9, 2020

DN 9:4B-10/LK 6:36-38

Yesterday we heard about the Transfiguration in the Gospel. While terrifying at first, it gave the disciples a wonderful vision of the future. In today’s GospelJesus asks us to be merciful as God is merciful. Don’t judge or condemn. Do forgive and give to others. How we treat others will be returned to us, not necessarily directly, but in how it transforms us to better radiate Christ to others.   

These are all good actions to include in our Lenten practices, especially when the news cycle so often reminds us of the darkness in our world. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to see the fruits of our labors. Other times our efforts might start a ripple effect that we never see.

I used to pass a professor regularly coming into the library as I was leaving. He had a gloomy resting face and never acknowledged me as we passed. I made a point to smile and greet him every time. Sometimes I addressed him by name, other times I wished him a good morning or just nodded silentlyThis went on for years without any acknowledgement on his part. I kept greeting him anyway, not because of any hope of affecting him but because of how this affected me. I felt kinder and more loving by doing this rather than wondering about possible reasons he might be ignoring me. Once, he actually said hello back, then never again. He retired many years ago, but I still think of him and keep him in my prayersI was trying to light a candle around him, but eventually, he was the one who brightened my day.   

May we be light to each other this season as we prepare for the resurrection to come. 


Betsy Polakowski
Librarian, Ireland Library