Friday of the First Week of Lent

March 6, 2020

EZ 18:21-28/MT 5:20-26

Ezekiel 18:21-28 perfectly describes the Lord’s generosity in a way that transcends generations, languages, and biblical text interpretations. The Lord is detailing the path to salvation in a succinct and loving way to show us that true adherence to the faith is a commitment to submitting to God’s judgment and seeking His mercy for our sins. We are not perfect, but He is, and He knows the way, the path, the truth, and wants each and every one of us to trust His words, follow with actions to repent, and He will provide for us. It is a beautiful playbook for those souls who have yet to join us in the faith: turn away from your sins, confess them to the Lord, seek forgiveness, and do what is right and just and you will be saved.

Two main points ring true for us in this reading for the Lenten season: (1) Commitment to the works of the faith is not a day job, and the Lord will judge you for turning away from righteousness to the path of evil; and, (2) It is our responsibility as Christians to encounter those  who have not yet encountered Christ and share with them the gift of faith that leads to salvation.  If we can focus on staying on the path of righteousness and sharing with joy the beauty of our faith, the 2020 Lenten Season will fill our hearts full. 


Kate A. Norris
UST Alum ('11, '14 Law)