Easter Sunday - The Resurrection of the Lord

April 12, 2020

ACTS 10:34A, 37-43/COL 3:1-4 OR I COR 5:6B-8/JN 20:1-9

Like youI miss many facets of our traditional Easter celebration today. Among many things, I miss receiving the body and blood of Christ, the smell of the Easter lilies adorning the altar, celebrating with a larger group of my loved ones, and hiding Easter eggs for my grandchildren. 

Today, Christians around the world are celebrating Easter in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic. While we might be feeling disappointment about the traditional celebrations we are missing, we also are reminded that Christians have celebrated Easter over the centuries amidst many tragedies, including war, natural disasters and enslavement.   

Our Easter celebrations continue despite the state of our world or our lives, because Easter is our celebration of Christian hope, which is eternal.   

Christian hope conquers all the things this pandemic might be inflicting on us. It conquers fear. It conquers uncertainty. It conquers despair. It conquers loneliness. It conquers death. 

Jesus experienced every form of human suffering, including dying on the cross, in order to rise triumphantly and tell usYou are not alone; put your trust in me! Let us not keep our heads bowed to the ground but raise our trusting faces to the risen Christ 

May the bright light of Christian hope shine in your hearts, your minds and your lives today and forever! 


Julie Sullivan