Wednesday of the Third Week of Lent

March 22, 2017 / By: Sarah Farnes

Lent, a time to share the treasures and the good that we have

Dt 4:1, 5-9/Mt 5:17-19

I have always found that I learn best through stories.  As a child, I would ask my grandma to tell me stories about her friends and their adventures.  As an adult, I still find that I am most impacted by the stories people tell of their experiences; especially when I can see a connection to my own life.  As Lent began this year, a friend and I were talking about what it means to have a “true conversion of heart”. To illustrate his thought, he shared a story.

A man named Ralph bought a nice home with a garden, full of fruit trees.  His neighbor, William, was very envious of Ralph and his garden.  Because of his envy, each day, William would sneak into Ralph’s yard and deliver a basket full of garbage.  

One day, Ralph took the basket, removed the trash and cleaned it very well.  He selected the best fruit from the trees in his garden and filled the basket.  With the basket in tow, Ralph set out to William’s home.  As William saw Ralph approaching his home, he rushed to the door, prepared to engage in a fight with his neighbor. 

As William opened his door, Ralph handed him the basket and said, “Here you go.  Each person should share, as a gift, the treasure and the good that he has.”

William was speechless.  While he was sharing garbage, Ralph shared the best fruit that he had to offer.   

During this season of Lent, let us remember that the human being is a mirror that reflects what he has in himself.  Let us spend time in prayer and self-reflection.  What does my mirror reflect to those around me?  What gifts am I offering to others?  Let us use this season to strive for a true conversion of heart; and with the help of the sacraments (Eucharist and reconciliation) let God return to the center of our hearts.  Let our mirrors reflect Him to the people around us.

Sarah Farnes
Office for Spirituality