Wednesday of the Second Week of Lent

March 15, 2017 / By: Sr. Sharon Howell, CSJ

Save me, O Lord, in your kindness.

Jer 18:18-20/Psalm 31/Mt 20:17-28

Did you ever have one of those ‘terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days’? (Judith Viorst, 1972) Or maybe even a series of them?  Hopefully, today is not starting out to be one of them. 

It seems that Jeremiah and Jesus are facing some hard realities about the people with whom they are in close relationship.  At best, none of these people seems to  really know who Jeremiah or Jesus are, or have a positive sense of what the relationships are supposed to be about; at worst, the relationships have made both men vulnerable to harm, even unto death.

Both Jeremiah and Jesus have given themselves to ‘standing in the gap’ between God and the people; living their lives in such a way that they are seen as powerful.  Some people really find that attractive, most people don’t.  Jeremiah is finding his good deeds and his irritating deeds are being punished. Jesus is finding His closest followers are ambivalent; some want to be really close to power; the others can’t make out what is going on, but whatever it is, the response is jealousy. He is punished either way.

How do both men respond? Both men are confident enough to turn to their God and remind Him they are still there; needing His love, support and kindness.  Both seem to understand the outcome may not change, yet God is saving them. 

May we find that kind of confidence in our own lives. Hallelujah, anyhow!

Reference: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, published in 1972

Sr. Sharon M. Howell, CSJ
Assistant Dean of Students