Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

March 7, 2016 / By: Sister Paul Therese Saiko, SSND

Isaiah 65:17-21 and  John 64:4-54

                              “This man believed and went on his way.”

Recently I made a retreat and was blessed with a spacious room facing east overlooking a large rural area. Each morning I watched the landscape come to life as the sun made its appearance – first as the dawn and then, bit by bit, gently but surely, as a grand and glorious circle of light.
I recalled that memory when I read the first line of today’s readings.   God said, “Lo, I am about to create new heavens and a new earth …there will be rejoicing and happiness.”  That lifted my heart. Then I moved to the second reading and discovered a royal official approaching Jesus with a desperate request.  “Come and heal my son who is near death.”  Not much happiness there, but rather, anxiety, concern, and fear until I read the words, “You may go, your son will live.” This man believed and went on his way.

I wondered “What went through this man’s mind as he hurried back home?”  All we know is that he believed the words Jesus spoke and went on his way.    His faith in Jesus’ word was all he had. It was that and that alone that carried him home through what was most likely the darkest moment of his life.  He had no proof of a cure, no fanfare, no assurance, only the Word - actually the same Word we have.

As I thought about these two readings I ruminated “How blessed I am!” As each day dawns the Lord promises, “I am about to create something new.”  As each day proceeds, life experiences of newness, joy, and delights enter along with moments of angst, worry, and concern.  What I am called to do?  Believe and keep walking home relying on His word.
“O Great God, you have created me and everything around me with a sense of mystery.  I now step into that mystery and put my arms around it.  Help me to accept the things I do not understand.  May my encounter with them bring me nearer to you and closer to living a holy life.  Amen.   Sister Jose Hobday, O.S.F.

Sister Paul Therese Saiko, SSND
Spiritual Formation Faculty SPS - Retired