Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

December 3, 2019

Is 11:1-10/Lk 10:21-24 (176)

Jesus called our eyes and our sight blessed. What are your eyes seeing, right now, today?  And, a related question, what did Jesus want his followers to see? 

The prophecy we heard today from Isaiah came to the ancient people in a time of much darkness.  A conquering king was encroaching on their land, and people they trusted to help defend them chose instead to side with the Assyrian army.  People were afraid and wondered what would become of them and if there was a way forward.  Isaiah, though, saw something different.  Rather than trust in who would win or lose in the political struggle of his time, he spoke a vision meant to inspire people to live and work within God’s promise, and that God would do the impossible.

The wolf would be a guest of the lamb. The leopard would lie down with the kid.


And there would be no harm on all of God’s holy mountain, no suffering.  A hopeful message indeed.  And one that Isaiah envisioned coming to be right in the midst of his reality. 

A shoot will come, said Isaiah, from the stump of Jesse.  From something that had apparently died or passed away would come a new and powerful growth.

And, indeed, the prophecy of Isaiah came to life in Jesus. And the prophecy of Isaiah is still alive in Jesus.  And in us.

In the darkness of this winter season, when much divides us and many suffer, what do you see?

And what does what you see call us to be?

Deborah Organ, LICSW DMin
Theology Department