The Nativity of The Lord

December 25, 2018 / By: Julie Sullivan

Is 62:11-12/Ti 3:4-7/Lk 2:15-20

The Mass at Dawn readings celebrate Jesus’ birth. Hark the herald angels sing! He has come! He has come to be with us.  He has come to walk with us.  He has come to hold our hands. He has come to show us his love, comfort, and mercy. He has come to ultimately die and be reborn for us.

On this day when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday, I am reflecting on how I know that he is still here and how I can renew my personal connection with him.

When I think about Jesus’ presence today, I am reminded of a song, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” The lyrics tell a story about a boy who is at a shopping mall during the Christmas season looking for Jesus. He asks a woman who is standing in a long line to see Santa Claus, “Where’s the line to see Jesus?  If Christmas is his birthday, why don’t we see him more?” 

While we may not be able to see a physical Jesus at the mall, we can feel Jesus anywhere we are. All of us have different ways of feeling Jesus’ presence. For me, I hold my hands outstretched and palms up when I pray. I continue to pray until I can feel the pressure of Jesus’ hands holding mine. Then I know I have found him. He is right beside me, holding my hands, and I have a renewed peace and strength for the time ahead. May you feel Jesus’ presence in your life today and always.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year!

Julie Sullivan