Monday of the First Week of Advent

December 2, 2019

Is 4:2-6/Mt 8:5-11 (175)


This is the time of year that Christians especially strive to become the person that God meant for us to be. Knowing and accepting that none of us is without sin and we all need healing is a start of that journey. Through this time of Advent, we can strengthen our faith and relationships by being truthful and honest with ourselves, and to take the time to pray, reflect and identify what is keeping us from a closer relationship with Jesus, our friends and family, and even our coworkers. 

Today we read in the Gospel, that Jesus is personally invited by a Roman Centurion into his home to heal one of his servantsThe soldier is so unlike Jesus, but in him we see someone who cares deeply and is concerned for another over himselfThe soldier has a deep and amazing faith.   

We are each invited to answer the call of those in need. The poor, lonely, homeless, hungry, the widow, the veteran, the neglected in our community and world. Regardless if the person in need is alike or different from us, we are called to love and serve each and every human with dignity and respect just as Jesus did. Open your eyes and your heart to the plight of those who are hurting with action and by showing compassion and care. Let each of us step out of our comfort zone and notice what beautiful changes take place. By living as Jesus did, we will bring peace, happiness, and joy into our hearts and into the world.


Ana Theisen

Recruitment, Admissions and Student Services Coordinator,
Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity